Bullet Proof Insert Plate Body Armor Ballistic Plates NIJ III 9mm 1pcs

Product Name: Bullet Proof Insert Plate Body Armor Ballistic Plates NIJ III 9mm 1pcs
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Certification: NIJ Standard-0101.04 Level III Certified.

Bulletproof Effects: Level III against 7.62 mm Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) bullets (U.S. Military designation M80), with nominal masses of 9.6 g (148 gr) at a reference velocity of 847 m/s (2780 ft/s ± 30 ft/s) or less.

Armor Weight: ≤2kg

Protection Area: 30cm*25cm

Ballistic Material: Ceramic/Aramid or PE composite plate. According to NIJ Level III / IV

Warranty: 5 Years plus our 100% Staisfaction Guranteed.

We have kinds of colors, designs, models and sizes for your choice. The bulletproof plate can be CUSTOMIZED, or according to your requests. Whole sale or OEM businesss also welcome, please feel free to email aegisequipment@yahoo.com.

Level I thru IIIA are SOFT armors, and Level III and IV come with bulletproof plates/panels. Typically, the higher the classification level (greater protection) the heavier the vest will be. Heavy bulky vests become a burden and you will eventually just stop wearing it because it is uncomfortable to wear. Level III and IV clearly cannot be worn for a long time. So Level IIIA is the best choice and class of SOFT armor for the most bullet prevention currently.

Bulletproof Plates/Panels are indispensible when Level-III & Level-IV to prevent against 7.62*39mm AK-47, 7.62*51mm NATO M14, .56*45mm SS109 M16 and 7.62*63mm AP M2 Rifle. Please make selections among our Bulletproof Plates Panels.


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